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Our practitioner



Polly Wilkie


has been awarded 


"Highly Commended Practitioner of the Year"


ATMS Natural Medicine Awards 2020



Polly's Award Bio:

Polly is a wholistic health professional with over 25 years of clinical experience. She is passionate about women’s health and paediatrics and has a multi-level approach, working on physical, biochemical and emotional aspects of health. Polly enjoys being part of family healthcare, seeing people for a myriad of reasons to improve their health and wellbeing.

Polly is a practitioner at Care Clinic in Bondi Junction, a family-friendly clinic, combining gentle personalised techniques to provide care tailored to individual requirements for all members of the family.








We are embracing the changes occurring at this time of COVID-19 pandemic, and are well placed to provide you with ongoing health support either In-clinic, by phone, Zoom or Skype appointments.

As primary healthcare practitioners we are classified as an “essential service” and as such we are remaining open to provide ongoing healthcare support in the ways we know best:


Chiropractic, Osteopathy,  Nutrition, Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology, Paediatric Neurodevelopment, NET-Neuro Emotional Technique, Exercise Prescription, Natural remedies, Dispensary


Our dispensary items include: supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics and herbal remedies which can be collected, posted or couriered to you. 

As per directives of the Department of Health:

DO NOT attend our clinic in person if you…..

X 1: Have travelled overseas in the past 14 days.

If you have returned from overseas: From 16 March 2020, all overseas travellers must self-isolate at home other than for seeking individual medical care for 14 days from the day of return from overseas

X 2:  Have been in close Contact with a COVID-19 case in the previous 14 days 

If you have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the previous 14 days you must self-isolate at home other than for seeking individual medical care for 14 days from the last day of contact

If you have been overseas and/ or in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and have a fever or respiratory illness (even if mild) occur, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Call the healthdirect helpline 1800 022 222 for advice or call ahead before seeing your GP or go directly to the local Emergency Department or COVID-19 clinic. 

X 3:   Please call us to reschedule your appointment if you are suffering from a cough, or experiencing any breathing difficulties, shortness of breath, sore throat or fever.



Whilst we always have a well-implemented hygiene policy, we have introduced more stringent cleaning routines:

All contact surfaces are cleaned prior to each appointment and after each client:   treatment tables, chairs, door handles, reception counter, eftpos, pens

Rotation of treatment rooms

On arrival all clients/ visitors to the clinic are to use hand sanitiser provided at the reception counter / you are welcome to use your own

All toys, books and magazines have been removed

(consider bringing something for your children to play with)



Social distancing: 

Waiting area chairs are spaced to ensure adequate distance between people (although we are minimising time spent in the reception/ waiting area) as once your hands are sanitised you are asked to wait in a cleaned treatment room.

We are managing the number of people in clinic at all times.

In the event of waiting your turn at reception, please maintain a distance of 1.5metres from others.


PPE:  personal protection equipment and hygiene protocols:

We are taking all precautions available to us for your safety and ours.

·         Hand washing or hand sanitiser before and after each appointment

·         We are wearing masks and gloves in your appointments.

·         You are welcome to wear your own masks and gloves 
(due to the current shortage of supply we are unable to provide them for you)



As always your health is our priority and we are staying current as the situation develops.

All of our team have completed Infection Control Training COVID 19

We are closely following all advice from the Commonwealth and State Departments of health and act on that advice. 

If at any time we are instructed to close the clinic, the length of the closure will depend upon the advice of the relevant government departments.

If that were the case, all patients with appointments will be notified by phone.

In the event of physical closure of the clinic,

we will remain open online, phone, skype and zoom.

We hope you are all staying healthy and well, doing all that you can to support your immune and nervous systems.


Acute Immune Support consults

We can schedule an Acute consultation by phone, Zoom or Skype in which we PURELY discuss your individualised immune and nervous system support.

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